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At Garage Café, our team is our family and as soon as you enter this place we call home, you become a part of it. Our goal is simple. It’s to make Garage Cafe your home away from home, too. Our home cooked hearty meals and our warm team inspire an atmosphere that stimulates comfort, creativity and positive thinking that you can enjoy with loved ones and friends or in the contentment of your own company. It’s a breeze for the Garage Café team to extend this love that translates to great service and respect to our valued guests.

Exotic Shisha Cafe in Dubai

“We offer the largest variety of food, giving you that feeling of home. Come for the extensive food menu blends & stay for a variety of our signature main course & dessert choices”.

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“Something magical happened to my taste buds, it was one of the most beautiful things that I've ever experienced. ”

Manish PagaraniSalient FoodMag

“Amazing Food and sheesha place. One of the finest place to hangout and chill.”


“Love their variety of Shisha and Amazing food. Must Try!!!”


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